About Me

web-picI am a professional photographer, creative writer, wellness blogger and mother to an amazing little girl with whom I’m blessed to share this journey.  Throughout my life, as well as my career, I try to implement mindfulness in all I do.

Part of my work experience encompasses health advocacy, including the role of Community Initiatives Manager for 84 startups in San Francisco. My efforts have been geared toward spearheading social media, as well as health and wellness campaigns in the work world.

I am an avid world traveler, having spent time in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Romania, Hungary, Greece, Italy, England, Scotland and most of North America. Through my travels and personal experiences, I have been able to merge some of life’s most essential aspects into a balanced lifestyle. I believe that we’re here to learn from one another and to celebrate each other without judgment. By learning about other people, we inevitably discover something about ourselves.


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