Te Amo

Today I was on the train and got lucky enough to get a seat. As I was listening to my music and observing the people around me, I noticed a lady standing in close proximity. She had her back to me, I wasn’t able to see her face. She had curly brown hair, a white shirt with a black tank top underneath, some rather unattractive navy colored pants and an overall unflattering appearance…. Or so it seemed. And for a split second I challenged myself to see her differently; to REALLY see her. I envisioned her as a young child, perhaps my daughter’s age; running around, messy curly hair flying all over, laughing out loud and exuding joy. And somehow I felt overwhelmed with emotion.

This morning I set my intention to send love to someone and I couldn’t quite feel connected to any train of thought no matter how hard I tried. So here I was, sending love to a faceless stranger. Was she beautiful? I don’t know, I couldn’t see! Was she a kind person? No idea! Was she important to anyone or inspirational? Who can say?!?! But I sent her my love, all of it! And as beautiful and genuine as it all seemed in the moment, I couldn’t help but ask myself, “Are you nuts?!” But then I saw a ring on her finger and engraved on it were the words “Te Amo.” And we think Source isn’t listening!